Best Bitcoin Wallets


Below is a list of wallets that we recommend to use with cryptocurrency. You need to get wallet first before you can start collecting cryptocoins. With every wallet you get your personal address that is used to receive coins from different sites and other users. Please make sure that you have matching wallet for every cryptocoin.


If you want to store your coins for a longer period of time we recommend that you get familiar with paperwallets. While it's the most secure way to keep your cryptocoins safe it's not very practical for anything else than a long time storage.


These are the best and most used Bitcoin wallets available. We recommend that you use online wallet as it is more secure than local wallet installed in your computer. Try them all and feel free to use the one that is best suited for you.


coinbase bitcoin wallet is one of the most popular bitcoin wallets and exchange services available today. There are already over 2,700,000 consumer wallets in use and the number is growing every day. The bitcoin wallet is very easy to use and it has all the basic functions you need to securely store your coins online.


What makes Coinbase better than others is their insurance policy. Coinbase insures every coin stored in their wallet so you can rest assured that if something bad happens your coins will remain untouched. Coinbase has native support for mobile devices and you can install mobile wallet directly from Google play or App Store.

strongcoin bitcoin wallet


Strongcoin has been around since 2011 which make it the oldest online bitcoin wallet available. Strongcoin calls itself as a hybrid wallet which means that your private key that bitcoin uses for transactions is encrypted in your browser before it will be sent to strongcoin server. This makes strongcoin extremely secure and makes all hacking attempts basically impossible. Client also has several advanced features and support for multiple wallets within one account. The service is also designed to work very well with handheld devices.


With encrypted (AES) data, secure transactions and integrated exchange service Strongcoin is an excellent wallet for anyone who like to keep their coins as safe as possible.

mycelium bitcoin wallet balance mycelium bitcoin wallet transactions


Mycelium is a bitcoin wallet made for android devices. Mycelium was awarded as a "Best mobile app" by in 2014 and there is a good reason for it. Mycelium is great little wallet with all the basic functions and secure wallet backups. You can create multiple wallets, scan QR codes, specify miner fee and track transactions and confirmations fast and easy. There is also section where you can buy or sell bitcoins to other users.


While we haven't tried the buy function yet we have used Mycelium every day as our number one mobile wallet for two years. Highly recommended and probably the best android wallet made so far. bitcoin wallet offers well built wallet that works within your browser. Just like Strongcoin Blockchain encrypts (AES) information before it is saved to the Blockchain server. Even though the interface is very simple there are number of great features included such as support for sms & email notifications, secure backups, two factor authentication and live updating interface. wallet is also completely free of fees.


Browser-based wallets are great for people who want to gain access to their wallets on the road or don't want to install wallet applications to their computers. Blockchain wallet is also easily accessible from mobile devices due to responsive interface.

armory bitcoin wallet


Armory is probably the most advanced bitcoin wallet ever made. It is tailored to bitcoin professionals that know what to do to keep their funds secured. Even though there are three user modes to choose from (standard, advanced and expert) we do not recommend Armory as your first bitcoin wallet. There are so much resources and settings to manage even in standard mode that wallet can be very hard to use. For advanced user though Armory offers the best choice for usability, features and security.


Armory client is installed in your computer and there are support for Windows, MacOSX, Ubuntu and RaspberryPi. The client itself uses GPU-resistant wallet encryption (AES-256 and key-stretching) which makes it extremely secure. There are also support for printable wallet backups and offline wallet integration which can be handy if you plan to create long time storages. Without going into details it is hard to describe all the features that Armory can offer. Therefore we recommend that you try it yourself if you want to see the full potential of Armory bitcoin wallet.

android bitcoin wallet


"Bitcoin wallet" is an original mobile wallet created for android devices. It is under heavy development and updates are received almost weekly basis. The great thing about Bitcoin wallet is that you don't need to register or use any web or cloud services. There are also some great features that you can't find from other wallets such as support for NFC connections and widget for bitcoin balance. You can even pay offline if you're able to connect via Bluetooth!


Bitcoin wallet supports all the basic features that you expect to find from today's mobile wallets. Payments are received instantly without sacrificing security.

electrum bitcoin wallet


Electrum is another well-made alternative to the official bitcoin wallet. The wallet runs locally from your computer and you can install it in various platforms (Windows, Linux, OSX or Android). Although Electrum doesn't look too special from the outside there are actually several useful features that you can't find from official wallet. Every private key is encrypted and you can even export your keys easily to other bitcoin clients. Electrum is also much faster to use than other clients as it uses servers that index the blockchain for you. Other features include cold storage support and secret passphrase that you can use to recover your wallet.


Electrum is an innovative and simple bitcoin wallet that works very well and in most cases much better than the official counterpart. There are lot of great features that make the client more secure and convenient. There are even support for third party add-ons which help you to get more features if needed. frontpage offers easy way to create a bitcoin wallet within your browser. You don't need to register account or make wallet yourself. All you need to do is to visit and wallet will be created to you automatically. It is obvious that isn't designed for long time storage or your main wallet but it is a great way to create temporary wallets that you might use just few times for couple transactions. You can always return to your wallet by using the custom URL that was generated to you. is very useful for special cases when you need to generate bitcoin address fast. We do not recommend it as your main storage. The wallet has all the basic features that you need. You can also get mobile version of from App Store or Google play.

multibit bitcoin wallet


MultiBit is a lightweight bitcoin wallet with a very neat and simple layout. Just like Electrum MultiBit needs to be installed to your computer. There are support for Windows, Linux and MacOS operating systems and also multiple languages to make wallet easily accessible for everyone. There are several advantages over heavier wallets such as fast synchronizing and low hard drive space requirements (only few megabytes are needed to store wallet data). The wallet is also secure as long as you make sure that you have wallet backup in case of hard drive failure.


MultiBit is a great little wallet that has only the basic features that you need to make transactions. For most people that is more than enough. Lightweight design is an advantage when you don't have lot of resources available on your computer.