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Feb 22 2017 Updates

As you might have noticed we are making some big updates to our website. We have inlcuded several new casino reviews within the last few weeks and re-written some of the old ones to make them more complete. We have still lot of work to do so if you want to get your casino review online now would be the best time to contact us!


Our staff is also building the faucet lists again and this time from scratch. Because there are thousands of faucets available we want to focus on quality and not just plain number of faucets. At the moment we are constructing bitcoin faucet list and we try include more well-paying faucets every day. Once we have finished we start building our Dogecoin, Litecoin and Peercoin list. If you want to get your faucet listed you can still use our faucet subission form. You can find it under the contact tab. Plase notice that your faucet must pay more than 100 statoshi per every claim to qualify.


We have already included Ethereum and Dash to our main page and once we have time we'll make the faucets available for our users. In the mean time we continue bringing the updates in small steps to keep the website accessible.


If you have any suggestions or questions feel free to contact us. Also make sure that your email address is typed correctly! We've had some very interesting requests regarding advertising but due to nonexistent email address we are unable to reply to your requests. If you never got our reply please contact us again and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.


All the best,


James Miller


BitcoinPenguin HD Games
Feb 18 2017

BitcoinPenguin: New HD Games Available!

If you haven't noticed already BitcoinPenguin Casino has included several new HD games to its selection. There are already 180+ games in the HD category which means that the games support high-definition and look even better and sharper in high resolution devices.


Some of the HD games are just updated versions of well-known games that most of us have already played but there are lot of new ones too. BitcoinPenguin has included the most popular games from MrSlotty and Habanero which are probably the most interesting game providers at the moment. Not only the new games look good but they also let players to enter more often in bonus rounds which can lead into a big winnings! That's at least our experience especially with Habanero games.


BitcoinPenguin HD Games


BitcoinPenguin doesn't have new promotions too often but what they do have is a very generous welcome package that you might want to take advantage of. You can get up to 250% welcome bonus package and all the benefits of weekly promotions such as Friday Free Spins and Cashback Monday. If you're a high roller you can also win amazing prizes in Weekly Bitcoin Slot Competition: Every Saturday morning the top 10 players will receive their prizes and then it starts all over again! If you're participating in the slot competition make sure that you only play the eligible games that count towards the promotion. You can also ask customer service to help you if you want to track your current position.


BitcoinPenguin is one of our top choices at the moment and there's a good reason for it. We have won several times more than we could have ever imagined. Maybe we just got lucky but BitcoinPinguin does give an excellent return to player. That's one of the biggest reasons why we always return to BitcoinPenguin even though we would loose few bitcoins during the bad streak.


Try the provably fair BitcoinPenguin today and see yourself what we are talking about. The casino will also add new games and features very soon so make sure that you check it out every now and then!


Gonzo's Quest Bitcoin
Jan 8 2017

Brief Guide to Bitcoin Gambling

Bitcoin gambling is one of the biggest trends at the moment and there's a good reason for it. People want to gamble but are too worried about revealing their true identity or sharing personal information with the industry. Even though most of the leading game providers respect their customers privacy there are companies that sell your information to the advertisers. When this happens you suddenly start to receive offers from number of casinos through letters and emails which can be very annoying. In the worst case scenario your personal information finds its way to the wrong hands and you become a victim of an identity theft.


This is where bitcoin becomes a life saver to gamblers all over the world. Most of the bitcoin gambling sites won't ask any of your personal information due to nature of bitcoin. All the transactions can be made fully anonymously and you don't need to reveal any of your personal details to be able to enjoy gambling. It is not only a safer way to gamble but also much easier to anyone who understands the basics of bitcoin transactions.


Almost all the games that you born to love are already available for bitcoin gamblers. This includes hugely popular games from NetENT such as Starburst and Gonzo's Quest. You also get access to some of the coolest games in the industry that only support virtual currencies so why not to try bitcoin and take a leap to a better gambling experience?


So how to take the first steps in bitcoin gambling? First you need to understand what bitcoin actually is. To keep things simple bitcoin is a virtual currency that is best thought as an "online money" that you can use just like any other currency. You only need a specific wallet for your "new cash" and store your coins there for further use. Every wallet has its own unique address that determine where the money is coming and where it is going. With your own wallet you can send and receive money through bitcoin transactions which again are fully anonymous. Only visible information is your own wallet address which doesn't reveal any of your personal information to the third parties.


In a nutshell here is how to setup bitcoin wallet, load money into it and deposit it into the casino:


1. Register a bitcoin wallet at Coinbase by filling your name and email address.


Coinbase tutorial 1


2. Verify your details by clicking the link that Coinbase just sent you to your email address.


Coinbase tutorial 2


3. Next you need to setup your Coinbase profile as an individual. Complete every step and follow the given details. You only need to verify your phone number, provide ID and payment details to exchange your FIAT-money (USD, EUR, etc.) for bitcoin through the Coinbase exchange service.


Don't worry about giving your details here. You are using one of the most trusted companies in the business at the moment!


Coinbase tutorial 3


4. Now go to any trusted bitcoin casino such as BitcoinPenguin and register your anonymous account. Find the deposit address where to send the bitcoins that you just acquired.


Coinbase tutorial 4


5. Copy the deposit address and go back to your Coinbase account and click "Send/Request". Fill the details and send the bitcoins from your Coinbase wallet to the casino account. Done! You have now deposited your first bitcoins and you're ready to gamble!


Coinbase tutorial 5


It is really that simple and with newbie friendly wallets such as Coinbase this is all you need to know to manage your funds between wallet and the casino. Whenever you want to withdraw your earnings just submit your own wallet address and preferred amount to the casino. Once the funds are received exchange your bitcoins back to FIAT-money through the Coinbase exchange service. You are then free to request a payment to your bank account.


Happy gambling everyone!


Jan 6 2017

Turn Unused Minutes to Cash!

If you're looking for an easy way to earn some extra cash make sure that you check Cash4Minutes today! Cash4Minutes is a trusted service which allows you to turn your unwanted landline and mobile minutes into cash just by calling the number and listening radio broadcasts. We all have calling plans with free minutes but you never spend every bit of them in normal use so why not to turn them into profit? It's really as simple as that! Also Skype, Vonage and other VoIP accounts are supported that gives you free minutes to spend through your calling plan.


So how does it actually work? All you have to do is to add your number and make a call. Once you are connected you start to hear radio broadcasts and getting rewards for every minute that you're on the phone. You can also add several different numbers in one account if you wish to make money even faster.


The Cash4Minutes have been around for a while now and we have personally used the service several times through our team members. There's never been any problems with receiving payments and everything works as promised. All the rewards that you earn can be withdrawn through Paypal credit, Amazon voucher, Bitcoin, Litecoin or even give to charity. Cash4Minutes is safe to use and they won't share your personal data to third parties.


At the moment Cash4Minutes is making some updates to their service but everything is fully working! They currently have access numbers in Cyprus, Finland, Poland, Turkey and United Kingdom but more will be added in the near future.


We recommend that you take advantage of this offer and also share it with your friends as the service will give you 5% of everything that your referrals make when you introduce them through your account. You will also receive 1% from your friends referrals so you have good chance to make some passive income within time.


Join the service below and start earning today.


Join Now!

Giveaway Winner
Jan 1 2017

We Have A Winner!

Happy New Year 2017 everyone! Our Christmas Giveaway ended yesterday at 23.59 EST and we got lot of entrants. We want to thank everyone who took the effort to share our gambling reviews on your social media. Unfortunately there can be only one winner at this time. We'll make another promotion soon where everyone can win their share so stay tuned!


And now, without more ado, the lucky winner is "tiggytomb"! Congratulations! You can find the winning tweet here:


We will contact the winner through the submitted email by Jan 5th and update the proof of payment here and once processed.


Update: Blockchain transaction

Bitcoin giveaway
Dec 23 2016

0.05 BTC Giveaway!

As the year 2016 is coming to an end we decided that it's time to give something special to our supporters. Therefore we are giving away 0.05 BTC to one lucky reader! Please follow the rules below to participate:


1. Share our page on your social media site (Twitter, Facebook, Blog etc.)


2. Fill the details below and click SEND.


That's it. All you have to do is to share our page and let us know about it. We will check your link authenticity and valid shares will be counted. Please notice that your share needs to be public in order to qualify. The draw will be made on Dec 31st and we will contact the lucky winner through email by Jan 5th. Good Luck and Merry Christmas everyone!


Bitcoin chart 2016
Dec 22 2016

Bitcoin Value Passes $870

Bitcoin is going strong and it has already passed the milestone of the highest price in over three years. At the moment the price of bitcoin is $875 (Bitstamp) and there seems to be much less resistance now that we're past the $800. We think that $900 will be passed before christmas and hope that $1000 won't be too far away!


So why the value goes up so fast? There are no one big reason but when you look at the news from the past weeks you can notice some very positive headlines that surely have some effect to the price development. Bloomberg for example stated that bitcoin was one of the best performing currenices and even more succesful than gold. Reuters also made a positive statement about the current value. Headlines also report that countries in ecomonic crisis are starting to take advantage over bitcoin's benefits.


As seen before the value of the bitcoin is closely related to the news coverage rather than global markets and positive headlines always gives a little boost to the current value. Even though we have seen lot of setbacks during the 2016 we think that the last quater was one of the best in the bitcoin history.



Bitcoin Penguin Free Spins
Sep 20 2016

Bitcoin Penguin Casino Offers Free Spins!

We would like to remind you about ongoing promotions at Bitcoin Penguin Casino. At the moment Bitcoin Penguin offers several casino bonuses for new users:


250% Welcome Bonus Pack

Bitcoin Penguin offers 250% Welcome Bonus Pack for every new player. When you make your first deposit (at least 0.1 BTC) you'll receive 100% additional bonus. On your 3rd deposit (at least 0.1 BTC) you'll receive the rest of the welcome bonus.


Friday Free Spins

Every Friday players who deposit and wager bitcoins or dogecoins are eligible to receive 30 free spins on More Gold Diggin slot. Read terms and conditions here.


Monday Cashback Guarantee

Every deposit that you make on any Monday will be eligible to 20% cashback guarantee. This means that if you happen to loose your bet the casino will give you 20% cashback bonus for your biggest deposit. Contact Bitcoin Penguin live support to receive the bonus.


Weekly Slots Competition

Bitcoin Penguin has a slot competition every week where the top 10 players will receive amazing prizes in free spins. All you have to do is to play one of the pre-selected slot games and wager more than other players and you'll win huge amounts of free spins!


Good luck and have fun!

Invest Bitcoin today
Sep 06 2016

Invest Bitcoin Today!

If you think that it's too late to invest in Bitcoin then watch the video below. Renegade Investor made an excellent job in explaining how good of an investment bitcoin really is. If you're not buying coins after seeing it you're doing it wrong!


DailyDOGE dogecoin faucet
Mar 20 2016

DailyDOGE Faucet Relaunched!

Today we have finally relaunched our DailyDOGE Faucet at


Possible rewards at the moment are 1 (40%), 3 (30%), 4 (25%) OR 6 (5%) DOGE and you can claim your coins every hour! If we get lot of traffic we might increase the rewards in near future.


Due to faucet bots we are forced to use reCAPTCHA + Antibot links to make sure that you are a real user. When we first launched our Bitcoin and Dogecoin faucets we couldn't keep the balance filled because bots were leeching all the money within couple days. Hopefully things will be different this time.


We are sorry about the ads included but please bear in mind that ads are needed to create enough revenue to keep the faucet balance filled. All the money that we make will be used to fill the faucet balance.


Have fun!

Bitbillions Profit Pages pre-launch
Feb 25 2016

Earn money with Bitbillions Profit Pages!

Bitbillions has pre-launched a new way to earn money called Profit Pages. This will be the biggest thing that Bitbillions have ever done. You can earn $45 direct referral commissions and if you are able to get 6 referrals during the first 60 days you will get a Fast Start Bonus of $250. What it means is that you'll have excellent chances to earn $600 in comissions!


There's also contest going on from now until May 31. You can win up to $20,000 in prizes and the chance to win is actually pretty amazing. You should really check it out to see yourself. Full details are on the Pre-launch page.


Please notice that if you already have referrals on your account and they activate their Profit Pages then you'll get the $45 commission when you activate yours before the April 1. Every referral that you have on your Bitbillions will be your referrals on the Profit Pages too. If you have an inactive referral who has a referral that does activate, you will get the $45 commission that they would have gotten. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?


Lot of members have inactive referrals and while that may have been a problem we have good news to you! You can earn more with your matrix even with inactive users. Comissions are calculated using the roll up system: If 3 of your 1st level referrals were inactive then the 9 members under them would become your first level! You could suddenly earn from 9 members and make lot more profit. The more inactive members you have the more comissions you could earn through the matrix. You still need to have fresh members joining to take full advantage of the matrix though.


We recommend that you stop worrying about the bad start you may have and any inactive members and start looking for new ones through emails and forum promotion for example. With Profit Pages you could turn your efforts into profit faster that you might think. There are lot of marketing material available and if you have any worries you can always ask our help how to promote Bitbillions Profit Pages properly.


Bitbillions has released lot of new features in just 3 months and now it's the time to get back in the business. Things are going better and better all the time and active members are making a lot of money. If you do your homework and start referring people it could very well be you that win the $1000 prize in the contest. You can actually earn entries just by activating your Profit Pages. Someone could win just by activating their Profit Pages without even sponsoring anybody!


Join the new Bitbillions today and activate your Profit Pages before it's too late!


Bitbillions Profit Pages button

bitcoin money laundering
Feb 22 2016

Digital currency and money laundering

We all know that digital currencies such as Bitcoin are used for money laundering and funding of criminal activities. It is said that Bitcoin is "impossible to trace" and there's a good reason for it. Although it is quite easy to trace a transaction in blockchain it is pretty much impossible to identify the owner of a spesific wallet address as Bitcoin doesn't transmit any personal information when sending and receiving money. As Bitcoin becomes more and more popular we need tools to prevent bad business from growing and also to protect individual users from being hacked.


The good news is that companies that work closely with Bitcoin recognizes the problem and have taken action in the right direction: New startups such as Chainalytics are specializing fraud protection and countering money laundering in Bitcoin network. Europol's European Cybercrime Center (EC3) has agreed to team up with Chainalytics to create a working solution for this matter.


The business model of Chainalytics has already raised $1.6m in funding that should allow powerful solutions to be developed in the near future.



update sticker
Feb 3 2016

Bitcoin faucets updated

We have made several updates in our website to bring it up to date. Due to large number of bitcoin faucets listed (450!) on our website we decided to build a new way to browse them. It is now possible to sort the faucets by name, captcha and average reward. More options will be available soon. Once we get everything finished with our bitcoin faucet list we will update the altcoin section and hopefully add more profitable coins in the near future. There are still lot of things to do and we're working on bringing our own faucets back to life. It shouldn't take too long but we are forced to make some changes due to service provider are having some problems filling our faucet balance properly.


Please notice that we have added cookie policy for our website due to cookie law which requires websites to provide information about the cookies used on the site. You can find our cookie policy HERE.


There are also new ad spaces available through advertising service. If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

Bitcoin price chart
Dec 17 2015

Bitcoin continues to grow slowly

Bitcoin continues to grow slowly just as we predicted six months ago. The current price is doubled since May and today Bitcoin is worth somewhere between 430-460 USD. We strongly believe that the price continues to develop although it probably slows down when we get closer to 500 USD. There are so much going on around Bitcoin and blockchain technology among big corporations that big price drops shouldn't happen anymore.


The good news is that Bitcoin doesn't seem to care what happens in the foreign exchange market. Even though USD is strengthened against all other currencies it doesn't seem to affect Bitcoin price at all. For example EUR:USD fell recently more than 100 points but Bitcoin price was staying almost the same. That's why we believe that Bitcoin price is more affected about news coverage that are related to cryptocurrency than fiat and economic development.



Christmas surprise
Dec 14 2015

12 Days of Christmas surprises!

Betchain casino gives every player a special gift every day from now until Christmas! There are lot of gifts available such as 70 free spins, 50 % cashback and 300% deposit bonus. All you have to do is to visit your Betchain account every day and the gift is yours. Make sure that you take advantage of this generous offer as it's not going to get much better than this!


If you still haven't tried Betchain casino we suggest that you join today to get most out of their christmas offer!


play now button

Free spins weekend
Jul 3 2015

25 Free spins available this weekend!

Betchain casino offers 25 Free spins and 20% reload bonus this weekend. All you have to do is to make a deposit this Friday or Saturday. Free spins will be credited Sunday July 5th, 12:00 PM EST.


play now button
Jun 15 2015 now accepts Bitcoin is now accepting bitcoin as a payment method for purchasing movie tickets. The service is the largest movie ticket purchasing platform in the US and consists 985 theaters all over the country. The payment processing is handled my GoCoin.


This is a great news and while it makes buying a ticket easier to bitcoin lovers it also gives the company lot of new customers. proves once again that major corporations are taking cyptocurrency seriously and that bitcoin is here to stay. team will support the efforts of and purchase tickets with bitcoins now on.



free spins friday at betchain casino
Jun 12 2015

Free spins at Betchain Casino!

Betchain is one of the most popular bitcoin casinos and there is a good reason for it. In just few months Betchain has multiplied their game selection and at the moment there are nearly two hundred casino games available. There are also exclusive bonuses available that can be very profitable even for average players.


Today Betchain has announched new "Free Spins Friday" promotion where players can get up to 50 free spins every week! These spins are no deposit spins and available for registered players. Every friday Betchain casino will automatically credit the free spins to your casino account.


Betchain is the first bitcoin casino to offer such a marvelous promotion to their users. We recommend that you take advantage of it and also get familiar with all the other great features that Betchain casino has to offer.


play now button

venezuela and bitcoin
Jun 10 2015

Bitcoin adoption explodes in Venezuela

Experts predict, that Venezuela's Bitcoin adoption will boom any time now. It's been argued, that the worse an economy the more intrest there will be for the growing use of digital currency. Venezuela's leading Bitcoin advocacy organization have estimated, that the number of Bitcoin users in the country has doubled since 2014. The possibility to buy Bitcoins online is one way to avoid increasing devaluation of the national currency. "Digital currency removes pressure on the exchange market and can serve also to store value, not just to transfer value", Bitcoin advocators argue.

Bitcoins came to Venezuela three years ago, when the supply of foreign currency started plummeting while demand continued to grow. Bitcoin is seen safer than the black market dollars, and they make also changing national currency bolìvares to dollars quicker.



KnCMiner chip
Jun 4 2015

3D Bitcoin mining chip from KnCMiner

KnCMiner has recently announced a new kind of technology that stacks chip components in three dimensions instead of regular flat design. The company is also the first one in the world to move to 16nm processor technology which provides several advantages over previous designs.


In addition to increased processor speed the main advantage that 16 nanometer 3D FinFET node construction is able to offer is energy efficiency. When the chip uses less power it will be much more profitable to mine bitcoins in the long run. It also ensures more enviromentally friendly transaction processing. KnCMiner is already using locally produced hydropower and arctic air for cooling which makes the company a forerunner in sustainable development.


The chip in the picture is the actual photo of the new Solar Bitcoin mining chip from KnCMiner.



Ross Ulbricht
May 31 2015

Ulbricht sentenced to life in prison

The online dark market Silk Road operator Ross Ulbricht has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole by US District Judge in New York. Ulbricht has been ordered to pay nearly $200 million in addition to the prison term; the amount related to the operation of the now-defunct Silk Road during its active period.


Ulbricht clamed the site to have borne out of youthful naive, but the District Judge considered Silk Road to be a carefully planned life's work and Ulbricht's opus. Ulbricht had kept a journal of his Silk Road activities during its running time. Dread Pirate Roberts - the name Ulbricht ran the marketplace under - was convicted on total of seven different charges related to conspiracy, computer hacking and narcotics distribution. Ulbricht is expected to appeal the sentence.


Also other well-known Silk Road venders affiliated with Silk Road were sentenced this week in Chicago and Louisiana: In a Chicago case a vender Cornelis Jan Slomp, operating under the name Super Trips, was sentenced to 10 years in prison for drug trafficking. In Louisiana, US Department of Justice charged 30-year old Beau Wattigney with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and conspiracy to commit trademark counterfeiting by selling fake coupons on Silk Road.


The Silk Road trial shows that electronic currency is not anonymous but perfectly traceable. Silk Road was hidden in the dark web, and to access the marketplace you needed a special cryptographic software. Bitcoin was the only currency used for its alledged anonymity. From 2011 to 2013 Silk Road was a wild success. During that two year span Silk Road managed to do more than $1 billion in sales.



bitstarz casino
May 29 2015

Bitstarz: Over 100 NetEnt games added has taken a huge leap forward in the bitcoin casino industry. They are now offering over 100 NetEnt games on their casino which is something that we personally have been waiting for a long time! There are very few bitcoin casinos that offer games from NetEnt at the moment due to currency restrictions. Games such as Starburst and Gonzo's Quest are the most popular games ever made and there is a good reason for it. They offer lot of fun and excellent returns for your money.


At the moment NetEnt games are only available in Euro currency but this doesn't mean that you couldn't play them. Just exchange bitcoins seamlessly through Bitstarz casino and there won't be any comission fees for you to pay. Happy gaming everybody!


play now button T-shirt
May 27 2015 T-shirt Campaign

powered by Spreadshirt

Men's T-shirt, Bitcoin revolution


If you want to show your support to cryptocurrency join our T-shirt campaign today! When you purchase our Bitcoin Revolution T-shirt through you'll get 50% cashback from us!


All you have to do is to take picture of you and your new t-shirt in public place and send it to us at t-shirt[at] You don't have to include your face or any personal information to the photo. Just wear it and let us know about it. Once we have received your picture we will send 0.03 BTC cashback to you. Remember to include your bitcoin wallet address to your message. To prevent abuse of return policy we must wait 30 days from purchase before we are allowed to send the cashback to you.


If you are interested in ordering other products with Bitcoin Revolution logo just let us know and we will create the product for you.


Thank you for your support!

payza and bitcoin
May 26 2015

Payza: Bitcoin transactions rising fast

Leading online payment processor Payza has announced that since they introduced bitcoin buying and selling options in the late 2014 their bitcoin transactions have been rising about 20% every month. Steady growth of bitcoin transactions sounds promising and Payza appears to be very exited about the possibilities that cryptocurrency has to offer.


In couple days Payza will also launch a new checkout service where consumers can use bitcoin to pay for goods in Payza partner sites. At the moment merchants will receive the payments in fiat but if there are enough interest in receiving direct bitcoin payments Payza may offer other options in the near future. Robert Elbaz, interactive marketing strategist at Payza, also shows interest in offering support to other digital currencies too when the time is right.



bitcointalk banner
May 25 2015 is back online is finally back online after four days of downtime. Last thursday the most popular cryptocurrency-related forum went offline due to social engineering attack. server was compromised and they had to reinstall everything to make sure that the problem would be solved. During the attack password hashes and email addresses were compromised.


We strongly recommend that you change your forum password and secret question immediately to prevent abuse of your account. Also remember to change your password from other services too if you used the same one that was linked to your account!

mycelium bitcoin card
May 25 2015

Mycelium Bitcoincard is coming

Leading mobile wallet provider Mycelium has been developing a secure hardware wallet that would work as a payment card at the same time. The card itself is still under heavy development but the first prototypes already exist and the distribution will hopefully start by the end of the year. Bitcoincard was first planned to ship in March 2015 but there has been some technical problems due to flexible design that the company need to solve before the product is ready for consumer use.


The first video preview has been available for a while already. In the video you can see the actual prototype in action but obviously there are not many functions working yet. The final product though will probably be different and the texting feature may be removed. Circuit board, display and battery are fully flexible and the device itself should be as thin as credit card. Once the final design is ready and the card is programmed to transmit payments properly the bitcoin card can bring a long-awaited solution for merchants to accept bitcoin payments more conveniently.



Mycelium Bitcoin card. One of the sexiest cards you've seen in your life

keyboard lights
May 22 2015

Bitfinex hacked, 1474 BTC stolen

Earlier today Bitfinex warned their users that their hot wallet keys have been compromised and that people should halt their deposits until new hot wallet is created. While we informed our users too about the incident through social media we didn't know yet what actually happened and if hackers were able to stole any money.


It seems that the loss was bigger than expected. Hackers were able to transfer 1474 BTC from Bitfinex hot wallet and while this is not much for Bitfinex it is significant amount of money and one of the largest thefts in bitcoin history. The information about stolen coins were received through transactions that users were able to track down. We can only hope that the stolen money will be returned to the rightful owners some day.



lock and chain
May 21 2015

Does bitcoin need regulation?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency which means that government or central banks are not involved in bitcoin regulation. Now that bitcoin is becoming a widely accepted payment method there has been questions if bitcoin should be regulated to prevent illegal behavior such as funding of terroristic act. It is definitely something that we need to take under consideration.


The problem that exists in bitcoin regulation is that the key features that make cryptocurrency interesting rely on easy and fast transactions with a very low cost. If there are some kind of regulation involved the transaction times could take longer and there might be some additional fees to cover the regulation costs.


The idea behind regulation is not to delay the process though but follow the transactions. There are no need to take over or control bitcoin any more than that. In reality regulation would be still far away from the money regulation as bitcoins are created by miners and not by central banks. If bitcoin would be regulated it could actually gain more acceptance across the world as a legitimate virtual currency.

free dogecoins banner
May 20 2015

25000 Dogecoins for free

Bitcoin Penguin offers 25000 Dogecoins for everyone who joins the casino and likes their facebook page and status update. That's all you need to do to get your personal bonus code. Bitcoin Penguin is one of the best bitcoin casinos at the moment and highly recommended. Below you can find detailed instructions:


How to claim:


1. Join Bitcoin Penguin Casino HERE.

2. Like their facebook page.

3. Like or share their latest status "25,000 FREE Dogecoins for everyone!"

4. Send facebook message to Bitcoin Penguin to get the code.


For more information visit Bitcoin Penguin blog:

nasdaq stock market
May 18 2015

Bitcoin launched on Nasdaq exchange

Sweden-based bitcoin tracker XBT Provider has been approved by Swedish FSA (Finansinspektionen) and launched today on the Nasdaq Stockholm exchange (Nasdaq Nordic). It is the world's first bitcoin tracker to be traded in regulated exchange. This is a great breakthrough and allows companies and individuals to invest in bitcoin through trusted and secure service.


Nasdaq is the leading trading provider and the creator of the world's first stock market. There are over 3500 companies listed at the moment with a market value over $9.1 trillion. For more information about Nasdaq Nordic visit



bitcoin transactions chart
May 17 2015

Bitcoin is continuing to grow

We thought that it would be a good time to remind our users what is going on around bitcoin. When the price of bitcoin started to fall rapidly in 2014 people thought that it would be the end of bitcoin once and for all. Since that the common belief has been that due to price fall people are losing their interest in cryptocurrency. This has never been the case. People should look further than just the price development.


If you look closely some of the charts you will notice that there has been more and more transactions all the time and not just within the popular addresses. Bitcoin is actually becoming hugely popular and is far from dying.


The current price of bitcoin is around $230 and while there are still lot of volatility the price is much more stable than a year ago. This is actually a good thing. Big corporations and merchants around the world are starting to trust bitcoin when the price isn't jumping hundreds of dollars anymore. This doesn't mean that the price wouldn't rise in the future though. You'll never know what is going to happen next but it is unlikely that we see such a rapid changes in the near future. Maybe we should all stop looking at the price for a while. Just enjoy the possibilities that cryptocurrency has to offer and let other people know it too.



flag of Russia and bitcoin banner
May 16 2015

Bitcoin websites unblocked in Russia

In January 2015 Russian court decided to declare seven leading bitcoin websites illegal and prevented access to them in some areas. The decision was probably made due to government's need to protect the devaluation of the ruble and block all the competitors that may affect the domestic currency. The blocked websites included several informational sites included.


The good news is that the court decision is now canceled and the websites should be unblocked in the near future. Bitcoin is not illegal in Russia and therefore there are no real reasons to block trusted websites from sharing information about cryptocurrency. The court decision is a huge step forward and great news for growing bitcoin community.



coinbase banner
May 15 2015

New features to Coinbase App

Coinbase mobile wallet has been updated and the new version brings lot of features that we have been waiting for. With updated app you can sign up, verify your phone number and link bank account right from the app. Previously this has been possible only through desktop browsers. Other features include support for older android devices, bitcoin purchases to european users and bonus program where new users are eligible to 100 bits welcome bonus.


Coinbase has been developing more mobile-friendly services for a while now and although the wallet is still not perfect there are lot of things that we like about. The new features work only in certain countries but Coinbase is expected to enhance the global coverage in the future versions.

May 13 2015 Relaunch!

Our website is finally ready for a relauch. First we would like to thank all of our users for supporting our work. We have made several changes to the site and even though everything is still under heavy development we now start to bring more and more content daily basis in from of news and articles. We try to add new earning sites once a week or when we find new ways to earn profit fast and easy.


If you are interested in advertising or want to get your article published here don't hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for interesting content that our users may find valuable. Faucet owners are also welcome to contact us to get listed but please make sure that you use the faucet submission form and that you provide all the necessary information to us. We get hundreds of requests every month so to make our life easier we require valid information about possible rewards etc. You can find contact forms from the bottom of every page or from the contact section.


If you have any questions about our new layout let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Also, if you have contacted us in the last couple months and never get answered it is due to problems with our smtp server. Contact us again and we make sure that you get proper answer within 48 hours.